La Caverna – Flores en la basura

Sex Pistols – God save the queen, Joy Division – Warsaw, The Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s eyes, The Boys – First Time, Buzzcock – I don’t mind, 999 – I’m Alive, Eddie &  The Hot Rods – Quit this town, Slaughter & The Dogs – Cranked Up really high, The Damned – Stab your back, Chelsea – Right to work, Generation X – One hundred Punks, Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster, The Undertones – Teenage Kicks, The Rich Kids – Rich Kids, The Stranglers – Peaches, The Clash – White riot, The Vibrators – Baby baby, Sham 69 – Angels with dirty faces, Cock Sparrer – Riot Squad

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La Caverna un programa de Radio Almaina, la Radio Libre de Granada. Sintoniza 107,2 FM

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